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defining a strategy to

Generate Referrals

defining a strategy to 

Generate Referrals

Most business – of all sizes – are terrible at asking for and getting referrals.  They tell us that they don’t want to seem needy or desperate in asking for them.

There are sure-fire methods to ask for referrals that are painless and incredibly effective.

This is one situation where the advantage is held by the small business owner and entrepreneur.  An advantage that we will work with you to leverage for your business.

We will turn your customers into Referral Generators who love referring you to their friends.

Building the Referral Generator

  • How proactive measures will ensure a full sales pipeline
  • Getting referrals without looking desperate

 By helping you understand

  • Why you cannot depend on word of mouth
  • Exactly when to ask for a referral
  • The single place your customer has been that you absolutely need to find out
  • How finding out where your customer is going next can help your bottom line
  • How you fit into your customer’s life

On to the next step.  With an operating Referral Generator, you will need to hire additional employees.  Discover how what you’ve learned so far will help you Find & Retain Employees.

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