Finding and Retaining Employees

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The biggest problem facing small businesses

Finding & Retaining Employees


Finding & Retaining Employees

the final step to success

It seems like it is a universal problem in small businesses.  Finding and retaining quality employees.  

Employee turnover is costly.  Whenever an employee leaves, they take more than their knowledge and experience with them, they also take the financial investment you made in them and reduce productivity.

In our experience, small businesses who have a difficult time with this are, understandably, overlooking the role marketing and advertising plays in the solution.

We will show you how to use the resources you already have to find, hire and retain the best people for your business. 


We will help you uncover

    • What the best employees expect from their employer
    • How to recruit to the next generation and get qualified applicants

By helping you understand

  • What specific things you must do to get applicants
  • Why most efforts to hire are a waste of money
  • The key words and phrases that attract the most motivated employees
  • What you should never say in recruitment ads
  • How to get current employees to recommend new recruits

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