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Your Message


In large part, the quality of advertising that small businesses do is limited by the ability of the salesperson who sold them the advertising.  These people may be very proficient in their specific medium, but they are not experts in your Target Audience,  your Ideal Customer, or your Unique Selling Proposition. You are.

The next step is for us to begin creating advertising messages that compel your ideal customer to respond.

We will work with you to create messages that use neurological science to inextricably link your business to y our customer’s thoughts.


We will uncover

  • How to make advertising messages stand out
  • The conversation you absolutely need to be a part of
  • What to do if you are selling a commodity
  • Why you should never compete on price

By helping you understand

  • How to leverage your Unique Selling Propositions
  • Which words to always use
  • Which words to never use
  • The neurological science behind successful advertising
  • Exactly who should appear in your advertising
  • What your Target Audience wants from you
  • The ultimate goal of advertising
  • The major motivators of your target audience

On to the next step.  How to take use your effective Marketing Message to Capture and Nurture Leads

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