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DEVELOPing and defining

Your Laser Focused Market Segment


Your Laser Focused Market Segment

The second step in YOUR MARKETING PLAN

Defining and selecting your Target Audience is the first step in your marketing plan.

The most effective way to communicate with the most likely customers in your Target Audience is to look into the nucleus and establish who is in your Laser Focused Market Segment then to create an Avatar for them.

Your Focused Market Segment is begging to buy from you.  

By having a deep understanding of how your target audience lives their lives, you will make better decisions on how to craft your message to them.

The Avatar Creation Process

  • The single person you must make an Avatar for
  • Who else you should make Avatars for
  • Who to never make an Avatar for

By helping you uncover

  • How specific the Avatar needs to be
  • What details to need to know about
  • The questions to ask
  • The final Avatar creation step that is the most powerful

On to the next step.  How you will use your LASER FOCUSED TARGET AUDIENCE AVATAR together with your Unique Selling Proposition.

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