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Best practices for

Capturing & Nurturing Leads

best practices for

Capturing & Nurturing Leads


When your Target Audience begins responding to your Advertising Messages, it is imperative that you have a fool-proof system of Capturing and Nurturing Leads.  

Very few members of your Target Audience will respond to your Message and immediately make a purchase.  Does your small business allow qualified leads to literally walk away with no way to follow up?

We will work with you to create and perfect a system that will keep leads interested in your business and engaged in the Sales Process.



We will help you create


  • Lead Capturing System that works
  • A system to Manage your leads
  • A marketing plan to move leads along the sales funnel


 By helping you understand


  • When to hunt and when to farm
  • How to get a constant flow of leads and prospects
  • When it’s possible to make more sales by not following up
  • What methods reek of desperation
  • How to use technology to automate the process
  • The one thing you can send your prospect to guarantee they open your mail
  • Four things you can do immediately that will change your business

On to the next step.  How to convert the leads you have captured and nurtured and implement a Sales Process to turn them into customers.

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