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Does your advertising give you


to get what you want out of life?

Or do you feel like it’s mostly a waste of money?

We create advertising that connects your audience to you in meaningful ways.

It starts by gaining a complete and genuine understanding of your business, its goals, its uniqueness, its strength and its weaknesses.  This consultative process is done by developing your custom Marketing Plan, a plan carefully designed for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, including:

  1. Defining Your Target Audience
  2. Developing A Laser Focused Market Segment
  3. Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition
  4. Creating Your Message
  5. Capturing & Nurturing Leads
  6. Streamlining The Sales Process
  7. Increasing A Customer’s Lifetime Value
  8. Generating Referrals


It all starts with

A Free Consultation + (plus).

The + (plus) is what you’ll like best!

YOUR REPORT WILL include a free fully custom review of your current advertising.


Advertising cannot be one-size-fits-all.  There are other businesses out there that do pretty much what you do. 

But you are unique. 
Your business does it differently.   

Let’s tell the people that matter.  Let’s craft a message that is so compelling to your target audience, that they are forced to respond.

During our free consultation:

  • We’ll talk about your business
  • We’ll talk about your goals
  • We’ll review your current advertising

Afterward, Glen will prepare your + (plus) report.  A completely personalized, custom and actionable report that he will provide to you with absolutely no obligation.


Get A Free Consultation
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